Monday, March 7, 2011

I Don't Know if I Should Be Proud or Ashamed that this Took 12 Hours

Let me preface this by saying that before today I had only ever barely used any Adobe product. With the exception of Flash, which I don't really "use" so much as "abuse" on places like youtube. Anyway, the first cover art I released with my debut novel was, for lack of a better term, terri-fucking-bull. I used MS Paint and drew out something in about 30 minutes. Through the week, I've been improving the art day by day--still none of it any good from a professional  standpoint. But hey, I'm on a limited budget (nothing) so you have to make do with what you have. Anyway, I spent the better part of today, all of today, trying to come up with something halfway decent. I ended up with two very different covers, I won't post the first one here because I think it pales in comparison to what I made the 2nd time around:

I still wouldn't go as far to say it's anything outstanding, but for someone with limited artistic skill, aside from an undeniable urge to spew out loads of crap onto a page, I'm damn proud of it. There are little things I want to to improve. Notably, the zombie's arm is a little too long and set a little too low on its torso, but for a stick figure zombie eating an arm, I think it does the job quite nicely. Not to mention, it fits the content of the novel perfectly: a little gory, a little quirky, and a little comic booky.

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