Sunday, July 3, 2011

Smashword's Summer Sale is On, on a related Note, so is Steam's

From now until the end of the month, Smashwords is having a huge encompassing sale of awesomeness. I went ahead and made "Not Everything Brainless is Dead" free. I also made the sequel, "Past, Future, & Present Danger" 25% off. To top all of that off, I released a Captain Rescue short story for free. It's got a catchy title, so you know it must be great: "A Mind Not Worth Controlling". I also put the short story on Amazon in the hopes that they price match it to 0.00 sometime before the end of the year.

There are also tons of other books for free and for sale at Smashwords, so stock up ye munchkins.

Work on a still, as of yet, untitled Book 3 in The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue is underway.

Now that I'm finished feeling guilty about promoting my novels in my own blog, let's talk STEAM!

Steam, if don't know, is a digital platform for buying and downloading video games, and Steam likes to have sales. Big, huge, wallet raping sales. Right now their summer sale is underway. And if that wasn't bad enough, Steam is giving 100 people the top 10 games on their wishlist, which could equate to about $500 worth of games (50x10! Math!)

All of this, for some reason, gave me the idea that it would sure be nice if you could sell books on Steam! As absolutely crazy as that sounds, I know that my target audience is are gamers, and that a lot of gamers are also readers. So, I really think there'd be a market for it. BOOKS4GAMERS or something not quite so lame.

Anyway, that's all the nonsensical  rambling I have for you today. Back to working on Book 3, maybe I'll figure out a title for it.

Oh, just for funzies, here is the cover I threw together for that short story I mentioned. Note the cyan coloring instead of the purple of the novels. It's like I color coded the covers! Neat, huh?