Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's up in MY NECK OF THE WOODS!

This will be one of those, "OMG I haven't posted a blog in over a week, I'm such a terrible human being" kind of posts. Just the other night, I finished the first major revision to my 2nd book, and I am quite proud of how it turned out. Although I'm a little confused as to how a 36,000 word story can magically become 74,000 words without any major plot additions. I guess I'm just that awesome.  I'll start proofing and editing the draft tomorrow probably , but last night (I'm that kind of owl) I spent working on a cover, and here is the end result:

I would hope that this gives some kind of time-travel vibe. But, I guess if it gives a lollipop vibe, I can understand that too. I'll probably tweak it a few more times before I publish the book, to maybe give it a better time-vortex-portaly feeling. Sorry to get all scientific, but sometimes it's necessary.

As for the book itself, I'm super proud of it. I don't really want to hint at anything, spoil anything, or give anything away, but I think it builds nicely on plots that were hinted at in its predecessor.

Any who, that about sums it up for now. I'm not all that busy outside of writing, but I'll probably have a few words to say about Portal 2 once I play it next week, or later this week if all these ARG rumors are true, that Valve might release it early on steam. Either way, I expect to love it.

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